More Patients Turn to the Internet for Health Information

It’s no secret that more US adults are turning to the Internet for health information. Just think about the last time you or your loved one experienced health-related symptoms or was even diagnosed with a health-related condition. What did you do? You went online to Google and searched to find any and all health information about the symptom or condition.  Users now even search the Internet on their smartphones as they’re watching brand ads on TV.

According to Manhattan Research, this health information trend is ever increasing. In 2010, over 183 million US adults went online seeking health-related information, with over 169 million US adults specifically researching prescription drug information.

ListenLogic Pharma Social Intelligence deeply discovers what patients and caregivers are discussing online about your specific therapeutic area, brand and competitors. Not only is this information valuable to understand current online patient and caregiver mindset, it provides valuable insight into the information that everyone is reading as they’re seeking out this health-related information.  This patient-to-patient influence is massive, as patients and caregivers discuss efficacy, lifestyle impact, costs, dosing and other valuable topics that in turn can drive or negatively impact sales.


Source: Manhattan Research 2010

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