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Pew Internet Research: Social Use Update

New research from Pew Internet Research shows that as of August 2011, 65% of US online adults, use social networking sites.  That’s a 61% increase from 2010.

And, now 50% of all adults use social networking sites. Staggering numbers.

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The State of Corporate Social Media

Michael Brito recently summarized  The State of Corporate Social Media Report, by Useful Social Media.

Many interesting points.  But the one key item that I believe is most relevant from a pharmaceutical corporate perspective is:

43% of surveyed corporations keep their social team within marketing, while only 15% keep them within corporate communications (and another 35% aren’t within any specific department)

Social should be an enterprise-wide initiative, with applications in product development, market research, corporate communications, marketing and more.  Think big.


PhRMA Statement Regarding FDA Oversight of Promotion Online

The official statement from PhRMA regarding social media guidance (from March 31, 2011)

Washington, D.C. (March 31, 2011) — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Assistant General Counsel Jeffrey K. Francer issued the following statement today on the FDA’s anticipated social media guidance:

“PhRMA has engaged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in public discussion of how our member companies can appropriately communicate with healthcare providers and patients online, using the same tools as the FDA and the White House, including Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

“There are incredible potential public health benefits to using electronic media in healthcare, including allowing innovative companies to provide truthful, scientifically accurate FDA-regulated information.

“PhRMA has proposed responsible means to provide safety information in space-restricted media, including a universal symbol that could help lead patients to web sites that feature FDA-regulated benefit and risk information about new medicines.

“As PhRMA eagerly awaits the FDA’s guidance on this important issue, we note that FDA itself is making almost daily use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Clearly, social media can be used to discuss new medical advances in appropriate ways that benefit patients and healthcare professionals, and improve the public health.”

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The Internet and Online Health Information Trends


Timely and interesting statistics on health-related internet and mobile usage from Susannah Fox…


“About 20% of the online health population has posted comments or content related to health care. That’s the classic Pareto principle or 80-20 rule – 80% is listening, 20% is talking. But here’s where it gets interesting:  hand someone a smartphone and they are more likely to become a contributor, a commenter, a creator. Mobile access bumps up participation.”

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